An App-Navigated
Interactive Adventure Tour

  • Be guided by on-screen navigation to each location
  • Be part of the immersive story
  • Each new location automatically unlocks hilarious and interactive content

See the Sights, Play,
and Explore!

  • More entertaining than traditional tours — it’s way cooler
  • Explore and hang out in the best parts of the city while uncovering new clues and suspects
  • Forget those headache-filled bus or guided group tours—go at your own pace free from restrictions

Fun for One, or Bring Along
Friends and Family!

  • Be the star of your own adventure
  • Solve the case solo, or go at it as a team
  • Start, pause, and complete your adventure at your own pace


A Pink Panther Adventure Awaits!

The Pink Panther Diamond has been stolen! Can you outwit the thief, solve the clues, and return France’s most precious treasure before it’s too late?

This hilarious real-world “App-Navigated, Interactive Adventure Tour” literally navigates you to each location throughout the city. It automatically delivers professionally produced Audio and Visual content to your smartphone as you go, so you can pounce right into the calamity and chaos of the Pink Panther’s world, without lifting a paw.

Museums to Parks, and everything in between.

Discover clues at a variety of interesting places, from parks and live music venues to local café’s and more. Each location unlocks a new part of the story, a new scene to investigate, suspects to interrogate, secrets to uncover… and maybe even croissant to be eaten. At each step of the way, your interaction informs which clues you uncover, creating a unique adventure for each budding detective. 

Play Video

Download & Start

Simply follow the navigation to each location and be entertained. No schedule, no crowds of tourist, no problem.

Explore Your City

Explore the best of the city, with each location unlocking new clues, suspects, and parts of the story.

Solo or with Friends

Solve the case solo or investigate with friends and family

Explore Your Extended World

Whether you dazzle with your razor-sharp observations, mystify with your powers of deduction, or rely entirely on serendipity, this hilarious and engaging interactive adventure tour, will keep you entertained and on your toes right up until the very end.


Prr-fectly Easy

Visit the hot spots and highlights of your city in this exciting and hilarious self-driven, app-navigated, interactive adventure tour. It’s like a regular “tour”, only way more fun! You’ll be taken to a variety of the best locations from museums to beautiful parks, to local points of interest and much more! All while on your quest to solve the mystery of the Missing Pink Panther Diamond. With the assistance of the inimitable Inspector Clouseau, can you crack the case before it’s too late?


Wherever You Are*

The Pink Panther and the Case of the Missing Diamond is rolling out across the United States. See below for select cities where the experience is available, and check back as new locations are added.

*Not in your area yet, submit your request below!


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Handy Bounce Tips

Power and Service

Make sure your phone is charged. It’s pretty challenging to Bounce with a brick. Check that you have reception in the area. That way you’ll get the best streaming experience. (we recommend Wifi, 5G or LTE for the best experience)


If you are Bouncing with more than 1 active device, you may want to use headphones. That way you won’t hear everyone else’s devices.​

Stick Together

If you’re a group of people in a car together, try to stick together. If one of you goes rogue and decides to drive separately, they’ll have to upgrade to a “Main Ticket”.​


If you’re the driver, you won’t see the content on your device when driving, but don’t worry, you can check it out as soon as you stop. All the videos are re-playable in the location portal once you arrive. Also, by simply swiping the screen down/up you can switch between navigation and content at any time.

Ticket Purchasing FAQ

Simply put, it’s a car-load (or group) of people using one device. As the main ticket holder, you control the experience. Think of it as a roadtrip with friends, but you are in charge of the music (but are open to suggestions!) 

Simple, just add them at checkout.  They’ll be able to enjoy the experience alongside the group on their own device, and make their own decisions (super helpful when exploring different options).

You’ll get an email code from the place of purchase. Just open the Bounce app, add the experience, then the code at checkout.

(This only applies if you purchased your ticket from a third party – like Viator or  Get Your Guide)

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