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We’re here to help. We want to make sure that your Bounce experience is the best it can be. See below for a few tips while using the Bounce app. Still have questions? Reach out to our support team, and we’ll get back to you.

Getting Started


Visit the App Store to download the latest version of the Bounce app


Our initial launch is in Philadelphia for our Rocky Tour Experience, so be sure to already be in or visiting Philadelphia

Get Movin'

When you're ready to go, hit the "Start Tour" and follow the navigation.

Main Tickets

What’s a ‘Main Ticket’? Simply put, It’s access for a carload of people. You can easily add friends when you start your tour experience. Have more than 6 people coming, or wanting to go at your own pace? No problem. You can easily download your own ‘Main Ticket’ and enjoy the tour solo!

Ticket Tidbits

One Car

Invite up to six guests to enjoy the experience with you. When you purchase the tour, you'll be able to add friends from your contacts.

6 Friends

Enjoy the tour alongside your friends. You need to be traveling together, otherwise you can purchase an additional “Main Tickets”.

Add a Device

Add additional devices (friends) if you want to be able to engage in the content your own way. This will also add the friends to your Bounce profile for next time.

Handy Bounce Tips

We recommend the following to make your experience super seamless and easy…

Power and Service

Make sure your phone is charged. It’s pretty challenging to Bounce with a brick. Check that you have reception in the area. That way you’ll get the best streaming experience. (we recommend Wifi, 5G or LTE for the best experience)


If you are Bouncing with more than 1 active device, you may want to use headphones. That way you won’t hear everyone else’s devices.​

Stick Together

If you’re a group of people in a car together, try to stick together. If one of you goes rogue and decides to drive separately, they’ll have to upgrade to a “Main Ticket”.​


If you’re the driver, you won’t see the content on your device when driving, but don’t worry, you can check it out as soon as you stop. All the videos are re-playable in the location portal once you arrive. Also, by simply swiping the screen down/up you can switch between navigation and content at any time.

Let's go!

Get ready to experience the world, like never before.